votw ii.18: My Blood’s Sweet For Sweets

Word is bomb, homey!

I trust everyone had a festively solemn and disquietingly reverential Bobunk. It’s this time of the year that really shows you what’s important in life. Now, then, I don’t really have a clear agenda for this week, in terms of what alienating topic to discuss, that is…I guess I’ll just try to ford the Stream of Consciousness and — oh, what a pretty little Lochness Monster you are!

Speaking of lolcats, Prince Caspian was a great, great movie. It truly deserved the #3 spot of my blockbusters list. Hell, even the many, many, many things that deviated from the C.S. Lewis book made a heckuva lot of sense. Storm the castle? Sure! Make Susanne more sultry? Bring it! An off-the-cuff musical number starring Reepicheep? O HALES YAH!!!

in other mind-blowing news, I finally made a clicky-banner for this very glorificence before thine eyes. It was long overdue, I know, but now people won’t feel weird just by reading this blog, but by accessing it, too! Marvel:

I think that if you clicked on it right now, the Universe might just collapse on itself. And where would the Big Bang be then, hm? Not on CBS on Monday nights, no. It was the season finale on Monday night, you see.

Say, ever heard of ambigrams? Think of the phrase HOOH. Now turn it upside down. It’s the same word! Gaze thusly:

Yup, yup, if you flip it, it’s still the lordly moniker of your venerable host, which was bestowed upon him with much ado in 2oo4. I came and rocked you — Alfredeus!

If you want to Angels & Demons a phrase up a la author Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code), then visit: http://www.ambigram.com/matic/

So I took an online quiz that tells me who/what/where/when/why/how I am. You’ve all taken it. “Which Friends/Sex & The City character are you?” Questions such as, “would you flirt with a construction worker” fly out at you, followed by, “are you a man or woman”? Very scientific. Here is my result of such a survey:

It’s almost scary how inaccurate this is. I mean, look at me. I had this shallow, vulnerability-defying please don’t poke at my shell sense of humor since I was in seventh grade, easily.

I’ve embedded the quiz here. Wait, no I haven’t. St00pid ineffectual WordPress. Go to Love-meet.net instead. Your questions and/or results might be a bit “off-color,” but you knew this blogsite was rated T for Teens, right? Good, because the survey is rated M for Mature.

So the a-ha music video on tap for the week is Scoundrel Days‘ “Manhattan Skyline.” In my humblest of opinions, it is leaps AND bounds better than the rest of the Scoundrel Days videos. Then again, everything is better than “I’ve Been Losing You.” EVERYTHING.

“Manhattan Skyline” cleverly sends up the “Take On Me” animation with connect-the-d*ts images. It’s true. (However, I really do wish they would have finished the dots. What the hell was Mags poking at?)

Following that, the foursome appear in newspaper articles (what newspaper boasts connect-the-d*ts, anyway?). One of the rare times Paul’s identical twin brother, Gunther Waaktaar, sits in on drums.

Then they’re being printed alongside headlines of Nixon and his infidelity with Mags Barbara Bush. Glammin’!

Then the boys hang around in the boxes of a crossword puzzle. What’s a three-letter word for awesome? Ingenio.

Lastly, they end up at the Norwegian Post‘s printing press, somehow, and they set out to fight the flurry of periodicals spewed out by the diabolical Gutenberg. It seems that they succeed in putting an end to the dastardly idea of reading, for our leather-clad heroes, Depeche Mode a-ha, end up in The World Between The Worlds.

Incidentally, it’s the perfect backdrop for Morten to softly sing the end of the song, which has now survived its violent synth strokes as well as Paul’s delusions about an umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh.

Many have wondered about the final image of this seemingly-innocent music video. The Manhattan skyline, obliterated? “Palme-saken naer en losning?” is certainly Canadian for “Michael Bay’s next plotless summer blockbuster?”

What may be the most heartbreaking aspect of the whole thing is the fact that our dutiful, lovelorn protagonist fails at keeping his newspaper dry. *Wails in agony*

Something I never understood about the music video, however, is why it omits “You see things in the depths of my eyes, that my love’s run dry.” I mean, did they never film it? Did it really add that many more seconds to the radio-friendly version? Whose idea was this? I’m looking at you, Rob Schneider.

By the by, my favorite snippet of the song is “I don’t want another friend.” Truer words have never been more heart-puncturedly sung. Insert oxymoron sad smiley…..now: :(


O em geez! That one has a tear in its eye! It’s too much…too much


Why, Lori, whyeeeee?! *Weeps an unmanly weep*

I’m OK. *Sniffles* I’m o…kay. Yeah, yeah. I feel better. You know why? Because now I have a chance of a lifetime! I can finally read! That wench-for-a-girlfriend strictly forbade me from ever edifying my mind with the daily journal! And look! On the front page, a black and white picture! Well, that’s odd. This newspaper is usually in full color. “Manhattan Skyline was on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.” Aw, to hell with it all. I’m going to the brothel strip club brothel.


~ by Alfredeus on May 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “votw ii.18: My Blood’s Sweet For Sweets”

  1. How the Hell’d I miss this blog? It has mention of CASPIAN, for Jebus’s sake. Smooth.

    Yeah, yeah, another song I haven’t heard in a year and a half. Grar.

  2. What time zone is your blog set to?! It’s not 3:13 AM. It’s 4:14 AM.

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