votw ii.16: I Cheese To Look Around

Bro, The Radio Heads. They kicked so much SoFla amphitheater arse. You don’t even know.

They even played “The National Anthem.” I was all, “Everyone…everyone around here…everyone is so near…” And the stage, my GOB! They seemed teeny from our lawn, but, boy, did they bring the figurative house down. Really, you can almost say that all of the backseat drivers in my Shaggin’ Wagon was kinda, sorta worth it. :)

Status Update: If you read my Summer Movies’ list, then you’re probably wondering what I thought about the ones that I’ve already seen. Well, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay is hilarious if you appreciate hilarious things, and Iron Man blew me the ‘ell away, simple and clean. You saw its rank — you know I didn’t see that one coming. Trust me, Robert Downey Jr. does not disappoint. Catch the fever, kids!

(Allow me to wish my friend Hannah a Happy Birthday. Or don’t.)

This week’s sweet, sweet a-ha music video is the venerable “Touchy!” Oh, don’t look at me like that. Behind your cynicism and your general disdain for beachy cheese, you know you just wuv, wuv, wuv the equation that is a-ha + synchronized swimming = I can has more touchie zomg lol!??

There are three types of a-ha fans in the world: A) The people who enjoy “Touchy!” exclusively (Paul-type personality) ; B) The people who enjoy “You Are The One” exclusively (Magne-type personality); C) The people who think “Rio” and “I Ran” were from the same people who made “Take On Me” (Morten-type personality). Luckily, I fall under N: The people who judge people alphabetically.

Listen, if you enjoy Norsk men in skivvies, then this video ain’t for you, but if you do think that being “touchy” actually has a different definition than the one portrayed in Stay On These Roads, then watch the following myoosik video — it’s top on the pops. Soccer balls, so kitschy.


~ by Alfredeus on May 6, 2008.

One Response to “votw ii.16: I Cheese To Look Around”

  1. I’ll allow it. THIS TIME. And thank you! ^_^

    Glad the concert roxxored your soxxors or whatever.

    No, no, “Rio” is by that band…League of Humans,m I think? Something like that. I love that song. ‘Her name is Rio and she ran so far away… just like that river twistin’ through the streets of London…and when she shines the sun is always on tv……’ A classic.

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