votw ii.15: Drifting Gloomily Through Time

I keep reviewing Sparkey matches on Facebook. If you’re not familiar with the app, it’s the Facebook version of HotOrNot.com, except you’re making yourself known whether you think someone is hot or not. I just keep randomly clicking “Yes” to “Would You Date This Person?” I figure it is rather inconsequential, for if I really did wanted to date you, I would at least have the decency to SuperPoke you, send you a Gift, and maybe even stalk your tagged photos at least one or four times a day. You know, love.

So, if you’ve been keeping tabs on Cold As Stone’s Penny’s threads, I graduated on Monday, April 28, 2OO8. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the Stoners who went out of their way to well-wish me. Thanks a mill, Penny, *MARYMUFFS*, Darlene xxx, Bryan, Christel xx, and Debs x. Heh, as time went on, I suppose things got a little less risque. :P

So I finally got to kiss Florida International University a hearty so-long-you-Tenpenny-sucker. (Check out my already-famous pictures on MyMySpace.) Oh, don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of my alma mater (I can now call it that, officially). It’s only the biggest Hispanic u-n-i-versity in the United States. It’s OK, it’s OK, we don’t judge here. Well, we kinda do. What is up with the corduroys, girl?

I can remember my first day of school. I was but a bright-eyed 18-year-old with a new backpack slung over my shoulder and a clear mind waiting to be exhilarated like a brand-new 500-gig external hard drive just before the barrage of interminable downloads via uTorrent. (Not that I condone 500-gig external hard drives.) Alas, it was all downhill from there. I can really only remember less than a handful of the professors’ names, even though I never really visited a prof during their office hours, ever. I wasn’t much for studying, either. Oh, there were bumps, particularly during my hazy second year, but I think I made it out of there reasonably unscathed.

College has come and gone, yet I feel cheated out of my “college experience.” Sure, I got my Bachelor’s after four years of work, but what happened to the things that were supposed to happen between the lines? You know, John Belushi madness and what have you. Will Farrell Van Wilder, send me a dream.

“Maybe I’ve forgotten the name and the address of everyone I’ve ever known,” Barney Sumner of New Order once, uh, “sang.” And yet, “it’s nothing I regret.” However, I think I’ll miss my friends the most, obviously. You know, Jen, Carrie, Grace, Joe, and Lisa. You guys, wow, you guys.

Sadly, no one will get that…

“It’s the school exam and the kids have run away.”

So what’s next for that little kid born in Miami, Florida, 21 years ago? A job, most definitely. Even now, my mom is teleconferencing with two of her sisters (my mom is 1 of 15 siblings, making me #14 out of 30 cousins) about how I should get my arse out of this very seat to conquer the world, or at least, conquer next month’s phone bill.

I always saw my 20s as a time of heavy experimentation: flexing your abilities to find the job description that best fits you, weeding out the coal for the diamond eyes on that beautiful face, and it all has to be one dizzying adventure after the other. With any luck, I won’t remember 10 years’ worth of weekends, heh.

So that’s where I am, except that I purchased Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 on Tuesday and I’ve been addicted ever since (which would make for only a few hours of addiction). It’s like they took 2001’s GTA3, 2002’s Vice City, and 2004’s San Andreas and injected it with heroin from Trainspotting. I’m Ewan fraggin’ McGregor over here! (I also got Mario Kart Wii on Sunday, and it’s very much like 1992’s Super Mario Kart, 1997’s Mario Kart 64, 2001’s Mario Kart: Super Circuit, 2003’s Mario Kart Double Dash!!, and 2005’s Mario Kart DS — only Wiier. I’ve been chucking red turtle shells for too long…)

So this being the era of Alfred and all, I figure I can choose my favoritest a-ha song of ’em all to feature (no, not “Differences”!) — “El Sol Siempre Brilla En La TV”!

The video for “The Sun Always Shines On TV” is just as great as the song, in my opinion. It wonderfully shatters the love found in “Take On Me” (take that, ’80s radio aficionados and VH1!) and it sets an ingenious precedent for videos of the band performing against an imaginative backdrop. I don’t know about you, but the guy behind the best Ninja Turtles movie deserves all the praise in the world for the orchestral mannequins in the dark cathedral.

As for the song (unsolicited opinion alert!), I think that the verses are pretty self-explanatory: it’s about inner conflict and the strife to find some form of resolution; it’s about the search for a place where past ailments will be gone. Self-doubt and selfism pulsate from this heart.

The remedy? A significant other to wash away the pain, to silently hold him as he bides his time before realizing that everything’s all right. The term “the sun always shines on TV”—that’s quite jig, isn’t it? On television, happy endings abound, but in real life, darkness occurs, as well as reckless acts of happenstance that end in sorrow. But, in the song, Morten is reaching that almost fantasy-like state of euphoria, and all he needs is his better half to caress him, to promise her love to him, even if he doesn’t really understand the magic behind it (“how can it be?”). Quite, quite jig.

What? I didn’t just swindle that from something I wrote some three years ago. <_<

So I should just publish this, right? Yeah, I should just publish this.

Homeboys and homegirls, gander at “The Sun Always Shines On TV”! There but for the grace of God go I!

(I just puked a little. Search for the Atrocity cover of the video. Whydotheydoit?!)


~ by Alfredeus on April 30, 2008.

One Response to “votw ii.15: Drifting Gloomily Through Time”

  1. And in a little while I will actually be able to WATCH the video I’ve heard you speak so much of!

    Modem’s in the mail, modem’s in the mail…

    Awww, my widdle Alfwed is all growed up!
    Here, have some Cap’n Crunch!


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