votw ii.11: Klingon To My Wookiee

Afternoon High

From behind the bushes, and with muffled astonishment, Dana peered at Helena whispering into Blake’s ear. A couple of years younger than her step-sister, Dana had admired her ever since Helena gave Dustin McNeely a busted lip when he had teased Dana’s braces.

Dana rushed to Helena’s side as soon as she left the high school boy.

“You really like him, huh?” Dana asked.

Startled by her sudden appearance, Helena shrugged at Dana, sticking her gum on a mailbox.

“I wish I could kiss someone like that,” Dana added after minutes of walking in silence. She focused on her pink shoes.

Abruptly, Helena rounded Dana, lowering her face a couple of feet. “You were spying on me?” she demanded.

“I just,” Dana mumbled, “wanted to hang out with you.”

“Is that my sweater?” Helena asked, pulling Dana’s sleeve brusquely.

Before Dana found an answer to the inquiry, Helena yelled, “Sweater! Now!” Moments later, Helena stood wearing the sweater, her step-sister looking smaller than ever.

As Dana started for home, Helena procured a pack of cigarettes from the sweater. Coolly, she lit up her stick and leaned against a tree.

Dana gaped at Helena, who seemed older by centuries. The shock spiked when Helena stuck the box out in front of Dana’s face.

“Have a smoke,” Helena said, not looking at Dana.

Dana stared at the half-empty pack.

“C’mon, take a cig.”

Slowly, Dana reached for her inhaler. Helena, taking another lungful, cursed under her breath.

“Leave,” Helena ordered, checking her watch.

“That’s daddy’s,” Dana said quietly, pointing at the timepiece.

Your dad, maybe.”

Resolute, Dana bent down and untied her shoes, leaving them next to Helena. Helena glanced quizzically at the shoes she had not worn in years.

Barefoot, Dana walked away that autumn day, forcing back tears.



April 1, 2oo8.


~ by Alfredeus on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “votw ii.11: Klingon To My Wookiee”

  1. I remember this story! You can’t fool me!

    And I still like it.

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