votw ii.10: Fat Tight Honour

I like to have the morning paper crossword solved.

Well, that isn’t very truthful, now, is it? In fact, I’ve never been one for the games in the newspapers…except the Jumble. I sure do love anagram-solving.

Hey, I just stumbled upon an anagram-rendering website: http://wordsmith.org/anagram/

Let’s see what anagrams we can make from a-ha song titles.

The Sun Never Shone That Day = A Ad Whenever Hunts Thy Snot
You Are The One = Ooh Teeny Urea
Maybe Maybe = Abbey Yam Me
Memorial Beach = A Bleach Memoir
Don’t Do Me Any Favours = A Dandy Votes Forum On

Speaking of dandies, Cold As Stone 4.O has been obliterated from existence. What new tidings can we expect from the bloody red, red-bloody 4.5? I hear we’re gonna begin a murder mystery game soon. My guess is that I did it in the basement with a wrench.

Problem is, the body was found in an abandoned train. The plot thickens…

Oh, if only it were true. Instead, we get a cheap a-ha roadie role-playing game. I’m Stephan, the guy who has to lug Morten’s wheat bread, trans-Europe. -_-

This week’s video, “Train Of Thought,” shows the band’s indie roots. (That’s “indie” in terms of “independent/underground,” not the British alternative to “Alternative.”) First of all, the dudes are obviously reaching for visual material to set a song to.

“You know, that ‘Take On Me’ was quite famous,” said Exec 1.
“You’re right, Gunther,” said Exec 2. “That ‘Sun Always Shines On The Telly’ was also a mint.”
“Right you are, Dwight,” said Exec 3. “But how do we cash in on this Norwegian money train?”
“We have to figure out what makes these guys so appealing, Dusty,” said Exec 1. “Was it their talent?”
“Nah. Anyone can have talent. Was it their good looks?” asked Exec 3. They all pondered silently, shaking their heads.
Suddenly, Exec 2’s eyes burst from their socket, gobsmacked. A second later, they all had it.
“Black and white rotoscope animation!”

Alas, no dolla-dolla for a new soundstage could be allocated (that Magne Mousse is mighty ‘spensive), so they just copped the original footage that inspired “Take On Me.” Spirit of the independent hedgehog to the last. Incidentally, the guy in the video, he who has a house awaiting him when he gets home (door vs. no door, so existential), kinda, sorta looked like Mags. “Quick, Spandau Ballet left some suits behind!”

If only a-ha had sported the Jheri curl…

No money for keyboard stands. You there, hold it in your arm and look as steamy as Morten. OK, slightly less steamy. Emo it up.

Cap it off by inverting the colors at the end — black is white, up is down, dogs having sex with cats.

And nowhere where he’s been has ever been quite so blogged.


~ by Alfredeus on March 25, 2008.

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