votw ii.7: Trampled Once, Twice, Sevenice Too Often

“Come back, my analogue,
you owe me money.”

“Now don’t you worry about the situation (a message from the telephone). They’re out they’re fighting for the state of the nation (and realize they’re fighting alone). They always have to fight the alienation (and waiting for their chance to come home).”

How are ya, my nekked monkeys? E’rything cool witchu over there in whatever bastion of Earth you reside in? I hope so. If not, call Unkie Alfred — he’ll make it betta.

So the Albert Hall performance of Morten Harket, Savoy, and Magne F is rapidly approaching, huh?* Gee, you kids sure are lucky. I can just imagine how coolio it would be to see Morten sing “Whalebone,” to watch as Mags burps out “Spanish Steps,” to ooh and ahh at Lauren crooning all over “Kryptonite.” (In my mind, the three respective artists will cover each other’s songs throughout the length of the show. Also, they would each belch out a Los Del Rio standard.)**

*I have no idea when the concert is — I’m just s’posing.

**And if you have yet to notice, these blog entries regularly link to other things. Hover over them to see some cool stuff. Unless you’re on Internet Explorer.


I, too, have recently purchased concert tickets for an over-bloated artist rife with musical brouhaha and creative bombast — that’s right, The Radio Heads are coming to South Florida. I’ve always wanted to go to a Radiohead concert, and now I finally get my chance. But if you check out my LastFM (Cold Stoners are all over that one), you’ll notice that Radiohead only entered my charts the past couple of weeks. Well, that’s because I only started listening to them as of late, doi.

(My friends are all Radio-Heads, so, naturally, I have to tag along. I hope to run up to the stage — nosebleeding and all — to push that whiny roboto Yorke offstage to perform my Medium-difficulty level ROCK BAND rendition of “Creep.”)

I also hope to catch Ladytron (one of those a-ha gateway bands) live at Studio A in Downtown Miami, a venue known mostly for being one of the few places I have not been kicked out of yet. However, my support for female electronica (ahem) may conflict with my post-Graduation adventures. (As might VOTWII, as well, but I’ll find a way to manage this cranial overload from afar.)

Speaking of hipster bands from England, I would like to see Radiohead cover “Locust” and Ladytron cover, oh, I don’t know, “Celice.” I think both artists could make it work. But why dally? On with la musiquiria!

For this round of intrigue, I have decided to go with “Analogue.” I’d love to say that some deeply scientific thought process went into choosing this particular music video, but really, it’s nothing more than, “why the heck why not?”


Analogue is the only a-ha video that features fireworks, oddly enough. Ooh, look at how it dazzles the senses, dancing in the sky, the mere whimsy of some dude who snapped his finger a la Lil’ Jon (ooooWHAT?!).

Do you think this video would have worked better or worse if “All I Want” was never made, and they had stuck with the original “Minor Key Sonata” as the U.K.-trumpeting single? I’ll be expecting your non-responses in the thread. =P

I don’t think there’s more to say about that except that if Morten would use his thermodynamic fingertips for good (since he’s obviously some sort of comic book metahuman-mutant-like being from a parallel universe wherein a-ha have a string of U.S. hits), perhaps the world wouldn’t be facing an energy crisis. He alone could power entire metropolises with his swagger. (After all, he can make entire populations of women swoon with the flick of his cheekbones. There’s something very Superman about that.)

Enough droll banter — go on and cast your score at Cold As Stone. Please do. My daughter needs feeding.

“My blog gets more hits
than TheMunDial’s, lol.”


~ by Alfredeus on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “votw ii.7: Trampled Once, Twice, Sevenice Too Often”

  1. Now thats what I’d like to hear, Mags burping to ‘Spanish Steps’ ;) !

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