votw ii.3: When She Moved Her Hips, I Beat The Isolation

But in that gentle dark, man, we ate a lot of lasagna. I’m such a pig.

Another Tuesday, another a-ha music video rich with texture, poetry, and a wah-waaaah facepalm ending. Well, one could only hope. “I Call Your Name” must have a banana peel somewhere.


I already got the hang of this wacky Video of the Week thang, more or less, but I’m always surprised by what devilry the Interweb will deploy as a result of my online ventures. Always the one wanting to keep track of things, I started poring over the details of this blog’s successes. Apparently, the biggest market boon occurred on its launch day. Neat-o, no-o? I also sifted through the mess of “spam” WordPress had detained at the border. I question the legitimacy of the spammy moniker because I would like to believe that this blog — a purveyor of all things good and a-ha — generates a lot of buzz ’round the Net. Why the heck not, right? Regardless, here is the result of my wily shenanigans:

Exhibit A

Seems fishy, don’t it? I don’t like this processed meat at all.

Exhibit B

This one seems much more legit. Hey, it’s a fellow blogger, right? A blogger so taken by my affable demeanor that he/she went out of the way to quote me/I. Alas, Venom with a pretty face…

So allow me the leisure of wanting to bait more spam sites by saying random phrases that will generate a lot of publicity. Ahem. Paris Hilton kissed Lindsey Lohan’s dog on the left butt cheek. Global Warming is the result of hundreds of years of tortoise oppression. The Jackson Five only had four members. A toucan is just a tou that can. The King of England will be the former Pop Princess. Exxon Mobil is just a front for the Corleone family. The character of Lando Calrissian was originally white — his skin hue was digitally altered for the 1997 Star Wars Special Editions. Ronald Reagan will win the primaries, only to lose the presidential election to Ringo Starr. Gelato, frozen yogurt, it’s all fattening goat ice cream in the end. There, that should be plenty.

…a-ha recruited two more people to join them as New Kids on the Block.

Speaking of an era of brownish greys and despair, this week’s morsel of droll Bohemia is the Harket Three jamming in the studio with Paul McCartney…Wait, that’s Paul McWaaktaar. My mistake. He’s an old friend of mine.

I believe that “I Call Your Name” is the first vid I showcase that is directed by the fourth a-ha member, the lovely Mrs. Savoy. Her videos tend to use a lot of tight shots of faces, don’t they? As legend has it, there are two versions of the visual, but as the Internet boasts it, only one of them is readily available online. (And in questionable quality at that.) (If you wish to view a slightly better quality version of the video, albeit Epañitch’d, then click here. Is this the black and white version, as opposed to the purpley one? Or is someone’s VHS more rundown than someone else’s?)

So here is what is probably the earthiest video of all a-hadom — a Sunday afternoon grooving with the guys, listening to Paula Abdul’s smash hits.


Here’s a question I’m gonna throw out there, not really expecting anyone to answer: had you been the director, what would YOU have shown for “I Call Your Name”? A marriage up in flames? Lauren and Paul riding a roller coaster? Mags weeping himself to sleep?

Or perhaps the video version of what’s
happening to Paul’s face here?

As ever, submit your scores of this fine, fine piece of Lauren Savoy’s assembled promo spot through Stone Cold Steve Austin. And answer the question, confound you. :)


~ by Alfredeus on January 29, 2008.

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