votw ii.1: Red Stains

Welcome to Video of the Week II — With A Vengeance! This time, it’s personal…

I was given the chance to bring the wonder, the awe, and sometimes, the cringing associated with a-ha’s sometimes masterful, always fascinating music videos. (Well, I’ll let you decide that. Just you wait, “I’ve Been Losing You”…)

So I hope you enjoy your stay here. Relax and have a Snickers. Let these Google-dirty fingers do the rubbing…

EDIT: It’s been nearly two months since I etched this introduction for you fine Stoners. This feature was ready to go live with unmitigated bravado and cojones-twisting pelvic thrusts — your eyelids would have been seared off by the raw emotion of a-ha’s music videos, clawing down your spine, leaving only a Power Rangers-like explosion in its wake. Alas, Cold As Stone imploded, as we all know, and there was nothing to do but play the waiting game (and maybe Rock Band). The cause of the detrimental Cold As Stone obliteration has not yet been pinpointed (some sources cite the evidence of Russ tripping over the Cold As Stone plug in his home, but so far, those reports are sketchy, if not entirely falsified for the benefit of this sentence, at best). What matters is that the number one a-ha fansite is back, albeit at a premium of $49.99 a year for membership. (That service is called the Analogue Membership. A cheaper one, the White Dwarf Membership at $19.99 a year, is also available, but it only allows you to visit the Minor Earth forum, oddly enough.)

I’m very honored to bring you the morsels of video-music a-ha, and as your Grand Admiral VJ Miami (official title), I will not rest until you are thoroughly music-videoed out…a-ha seems to be more and more like a cult, doesn’t it?

The first musvid is “The Blood That Moves The Body” from Stay On These Roads, the 1987 album that taught us that it was okay to end up crying with your mother’s eyes. Enjoy the warring Norwegian trio as they stalk a model who owns a really fearsome pooch.

Now that you’ve watched the music video, head on over to Cold As Stone to give it a rating from 1 through 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. (Is it ever the other way around?) Open up and give us your opinion about the music video. Don’t be shy — the members of Cold As Stone only bite until your 100th post.


~ by Alfredeus on November 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “votw ii.1: Red Stains”

  1. Hope everyone enjoys this!

  2. Yes, this one, Use this blog. It’s got a great layout and simple but nice colors that won’t blind any o’ them there compulsive complainers. Also I like the header.

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